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Huawei founder says UK won’t say no to our 5G roll-out plan



UK government is currently under discussion on whether to allow Huawei on development of 5G infrastructure and Huawei seems to be pretty much sure that the UK won’t turn it down.

UK Prime Minister may process ban on Huawei under the US pressure

In an interview with Sky News, Huawei Founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei said “the UK won’t say no to us” when it comes to including Huawei in its critical infrastructure. He also praised Prime Minister Boris Johnson as a capable person for the right decision.

Earlier this year, former PM Theresa May had allowed the telecom giant to participate in the 5G infrastructure development for non-core parts. Although, an official decision on the matter was supposed to be taken in April but delayed due to unknown reasons.

Following this, the US warned that it would stop sharing intelligence with the UK if it continues to allow Huawei in 5G network development.

Mr. Ren described the UK’s upcoming decision as “very important”.

“I noticed the third day that [Mr Johnson] was in office, he said the UK should roll-out 5G as soon as possible,” he said.

“I think they won’t say no to us as long as they go through those rigorous tests and look at it in a serious manner and I think if they do say no, it won’t be to us,” said Ren.

Amid all of these security concern discussion, the UK government has failed to clear its stance on Huawei, which is affected their businesses. Therefore, telecoms in the country have already launched its 5G services using Huawei equipment without any issues.

Earlier this week, John Bolton, US national security adviser said that the new UK administration has told him that Boris Johnson can process ban on Huawei. As there’s no such statement officially announced by the UK government.

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