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Huawei Founder once suffered from depression, encouraged employees to focus on strengths



Huawei founder

Depression is a big issue but you may also want to know that Huawei Founder, Ren Zhengfei once suffered from depression and how he overcome it.

On July 1, 2015, Huawei Community published an interesting article “To Live a Life Full of Difficulties Happily – A Letter to Chen Zhufang and Members of the Party Committee”¬†written by Ren Zhengfei.

Mr. Ren mentioned that the number of Huawei employees suffering from depression and anxiety disorders is very worrying and continuously increasing. He emphasized that “Depression is caused by self-torture.” He suggests that employees should be guided to understand the elegant culture and life and face the shortness of life positively, decently, and openly.

Employees don’t have to torture themselves and remember that only struggle will be beneficial. Society, don’t lose confidence in life at any time and in any situation.

Huawei Founder depression

Ren Zhengfei said that employees don’t have to worry too much about their weaknesses. Instead, they should completely focus on their strengths and fill themselves full of self-confidence to resolve all of the issues.

He also wants people to acknowledge that there is a difference between people and their capabilities but people must keep on moving forward.

To motivate employees, Mr. Ren revealed that he once also encountered this issue including severe depression and anxiety. Furthermore, the letter mentioned that he took the help of doctors and his openness and optimism, and he was completely cured.

“I believe that everyone can get out of the plight of anxiety and depression,” said Huawei Founder.

According to WHO, an estimated 3.8% of the population experience depression, including 5% of adults (4% among men and 6% among women), and 5.7% of adults older than 60 years. Approximately 280 million people in the world have depression.

But it is important to stay on the line and keep on focusing on the strength.


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