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Huawei fetches the fastest Wi-Fi 7 speed at 13Gbps



Huawei Wi-Fi 7 13gbps

Recently, Tolly Report published a new performance evaluation and functional verification of Huawei AirEngine series Wi-Fi 7 product and found amazing results in download speed, which ranges up to 13Gbps.

According to the results, the entire Huawei Wi-Fi 7 device performance could exceed 13Gbps and the peak performance of a single terminal goes above 4.33Gbps, setting a new record of being the fastest in the category.

Huawei Wi-Fi 7 13gbps


Tolly recorded that Huawei AirEngine 8771-X1T Wi-Fi 7 AP with 6Hz radio frequency can throughput of up to 4.33Gbps for a real Wi-Fi 7 single terminal. This is by far the fastest real terminal Wi-Fi performance evaluator tested so far.

Huawei AirEngine 8771-X1T Wi-Fi 7 AP boasts up to 13.25Gbps wireless network throughput, which makes it the fastest Wi-Fi access point. According to the past report from 2021, during the standard-setting process of Wi-Fi 7, Huawei ranked first in the world in terms of the number of standards it contributed.

From the perspective of the overall contribution standard number from Wi-Fi 4 to Wi-Fi 7, Huawei’s cumulative contribution standard number is also the first in the world.


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