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Huawei FDD series won Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough award



Huawei FDD Mobile Technology award

The second day of MWC 2023 brought in more awards for Huawei including the new GSMA GLOMO award for ‘Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough’ for its FDD Beamforming series. It recognizes Huawei’s efforts in creating simple ultra-wideband, precise multi-antenna beamforming, and green solutions.

This is the second consecutive year for Huawei to grab the GSMA GLOMO award for FDD products, while its FDD Gigaband won the “Best Mobile Network Infrastructure’ Technology Award in 2022.

Huawei FDD beamforming series products consist of Massive MIMO, 8T8R, and Hertz antennas. Thanks to its exclusive intelligent beamforming algorithm, these products can flexibly support 4G and 5G beams.

FDD Massive MIMO provides up to five-fold spectral efficiency, meeting operators’ requirements for capacity growth in hotspots. 8T8R is designed for FDD medium bands. It provides capacity- and experience-based solutions that can be widely deployed, and tackles issues like 4G congestion and poor indoor 5G experience.

Huawei FDD Mobile Technology award

Compared with 4T4R, 8T8R brings three times the spectral efficiency, helping operators build experience-based networks with upgraded devices, higher spectral efficiency, and lower energy consumption.

FDD products are used by over 100 operators around the world, improving FDD mid-band capacity and coverage to deliver more balanced uplink and downlink 5G user-perceived rates.

“4G and 5G services have grown at a rapid pace, continuous network coverage, experience-based in-depth coverage, and high-quality uplink experience for cloud gaming have become an urgent need. Sub-3 GHz is an ideal solution to fulfill these demands, thanks to its enhanced coverage and 100 MHz available spectral bandwidth. Huawei provides the first-ever sub-3 GHz high-precision FDD beamforming product, which fully unleashes the power of spectrum and boosts both spectral and energy efficiency. Additionally, this product helps operators expand both 4G and 5G capacity, build high-quality green networks featuring wide, deep coverage, and high uplink, meet the requirements of rapid service development and provide ubiquitous, high-quality connections for an intelligent society.” said Fang Xiang, vice president of Huawei Wireless Product Line, expressed his gratitude to the GSMA.

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