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Huawei Europe releases HarmonyOS 3 for Watch 3 series



Huawei Watch 3 Europe HarmonyOS 3

After an initial HarmonyOS 3 rollout, Huawei Europe released this major software update for Watch 3 series owners, and German models are one of the first to grab it. The tech maker is sending this new firmware to upgrade these LTE-enabled smartwatches and their software user experience.

According to Huaweiblog, Huawei Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro users can grab the HarmonyOS 3 with the build version The package size is similar to what we’ve seen in the first release. You can download the version via smartphone or via the smartwatch itself, make sure that the watch is connected to the network to check for the newest version available.

Below you can check the complete HarmonyOS 3 update changelog for Huawei Watch 3 series users in Europe.


huawei watch 3 harmonyos 3 europe

The update package is large and it takes longer to update. Make sure your watch’s battery level is above 65% before proceeding with the update. Dear user, This update introduces HarmonyOS 3. HarmonyOS is a continuously improving operating system that aims to keep your device always up to date. This update adds the Super Link feature on the watchface screen, allowing you to connect your watch to your HUAWEI phone and Bluetooth headphones with just a swipe on the screen. The function’s intelligence skills have been further developed, and the fitness cooperation skills have also been improved. The update also introduces a number of lifestyle features.

Super Link:

  • Adds the Super Link function on the watchface screen, so you can connect your watch to your HUAWEI phone and Bluetooth headphones with just one swipe on the screen. The intelligent capabilities of the function have been further developed. (The supported device models depend on the actual product specifications.)

Professional Fitness:

  • With Always On Display (AOD) enabled, the screen stays on during exercise, making it easier to view real-time fitness data. Adds auto pause switch. When this feature is enabled (in Settings > Workout Settings > Auto Pause), your watch will automatically pause or resume a workout based on your fitness status. Supports workout shortcut, which allows you to pause, resume or end the phone workout classes from your watch.


  • Adds the auto switch to the sleep app, which you can access by swiping up on the app screen and tapping sleep settings. Enabling this feature allows your watch to sleep or wake based on your real-time sleep status or according to the schedule. Simplifies switching between audio devices during eSIM calls.


  • Adds a kaleidoscope watchface that allows you to set a personalized watchface image by selecting your own photos and creates a kaleidoscope effect when rotating the watch crown.


  • Allows you to reply to messages from some third-party apps from the notification panel (after connecting the watch to an Android phone) of the watch. Optimizes Bluetooth connections and applies a new status icon.

Huawei Watch 3 Europe HarmonyOS 3

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