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Huawei EMUI 13.1 launched



Huawei EMUI 13.1 launched

Huawei officially launched EMUI 13.1 software with recent global flagship devices. However, there are some twists and discussions that we will also explore here alongside the newest additions.

Currently, Huawei has kept EMUI 13.1 exclusive to the Huawei P60 Pro and Mate X3 smartphones. These are the new Huawei member for global consumers. Also, Huawei brought this new EMUI with some new features that work as a gear shifter for the users.

Alongside this announcement, Huawei also shared EMUI 13.0 roadmap for old devices. As for your information, this upgrade plan currently supports only 11 devices. However, we expect that there’s more information that may arrive later on.

But EMUI 13.1 is no ordinary upgrade because it is crafted with several new aspects. However, it’s a simple duplicate of HarmonyOS 3.1.

EMUI 13.1:

This new software comes with device-oriented themes. The company has refined always on display with 3D widgets, which animates once the display is off. For example, the 3D weather AOD will change animations and graphics dynamically according to the actual weather of the day.

The custom lock screen is a fresh addition and improves the on-screen customizations. You can set a new lock screen on your phone and it will automatically adapt transitions from unlock to AOD widget. Furthermore, the Icons also improved.

However, you will notice major changes in system animations and the camera app. These areas are specifically focused on EMUI 13.1.

Huawei EMUI 13.1 launched


Nope, Huawei has not announced its plans to upgrade old devices with EMUI 13.1. Therefore, we don’t have input on which devices will qualify to receive this software update. As for now, the company is busy testing EMUI 13.0 for selected models. In June, the company will release this new version for P50 Pro, Mate Xs 2, and P50 Pocket.

Despite ups and downs, Huawei EMUI 13.1 launched with exciting functionalities and we can wait for Huawei’s plan for expansion.

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