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Huawei ‘do not build cars’ statement paper to expire in 2023



Huawei cars commitment expire 2023

Huawei fans are generally aware of the fact that Chinese manufacturer does not build cars. With the meeting resolution held in 2018, Huawei signed a commitment document reading the statement “Huawei does not manufacture cars”, however, it seems like the document has reached its deadline and will expire by 2023.

As per the reports, the founder of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei has administered a resolution on Smart Auto Parts Business management. This resolution numbered 139 states, “Huawei does not build complete cars, but we focus on ICT technology to help car companies build good cars.” Although, the article ending highlights the following words:

“This document is effective from the date of publication and is valid for 3 years.”

Consequently, this statement hints that the commitment paper of Huawei regarding the production of the cars will expire by 2023. The document came into existence in October 2020. While the Chinese tech maker published it officially on the website by November 2020. Hence, we could assume that its validity will end in the next year.

Does Huawei really not build vehicles?

Though, Huawei has never put its hands in the manufacturing of vehicles. But it does not mean that the company has never stepped into this field. As mentioned, Huawei provides new solutions to car builders. This can get confirmed by the fact that in recent times, Huawei has cooperated with Beijing, Changan, Guangzhou, and other automobiles.

Huawei cars commitment expire 2023

Another theory that proves this statement is the AITO M7, which is the latest luxury and large electric SUV. It powers the Huawei HarmonyOS smart cockpit. It’s not the first time when Huawei integrated with AITO. The initial model of the AITO – M5 electric drive SUV also gave a large room to Huawei technologies.

Hence, Huawei kept on serving itself as an incremental component provider for intelligent connected vehicles. However, the company has to renew its official document soon, to keep the above information as an indeed statement.

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