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Huawei denies rumors of developing chip stacking technology



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Recently, the internet is stormed with new rumors about Huawei making a breakthrough in stacking chip technology, which raised eyebrows online.

According to the information, some random people began to promote that Huawei has figured out the stacking solution. It can use 14nm chips to stack to a 7nm level. In the case of comparable performance, power consumption can also be improved.

In response to this report, Huawei said that the news of stacking chip technology is just some rumors.

The latest matter could be drawn from Huawei’s past patents including the one that draws light into chip stacking technology. However, we can see that Huawei is still working on chip design with HiSilicon, its chip development division.

Last year, Guo Ping, Huawei’s rotating chairman said that in the future, Huawei may adopt a multi-core chip design solution to improve chip performance. However, a steady progress is require to build its own chip empire.

In the past, Huawei promised to keep up its chip-designing talent and continue to research chipsets for new processors.

After the U.S. sanctions, Huawei wasn’t able to print new chipsets via chipmaker – TSMC and it has to rely on third-party SoC makers such as Qualcomm. Hence, Kirin’s inventory vanished from Huawei’s production quantity.

Despite these challenges, we are waiting for a breakthrough in Huawei’s chipset capability.



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