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Huawei delayed Mate 50 release to confront iPhone 14: Tipster



Huawei Mate 50 Apple

Huawei is making every possible effort to bring a bunch of surprises with the Mate 50 series. In the past few weeks, even we have heard thousands of words regarding the new implementations that the company is making over the flagship model. However, users have waited a long while to catch the first glimpse of the Huawei Mate 50 series, but the series has been delayed due to iPhone 14.

Yes, you read it right. That comes straight away from the famous Weibo blogger @FactoryDirectorShiGuan that has drawn out attention to his suspicious post. Consequently, the tipster revealed that Huawei has delayed Mate 50 series as initially it has to confront Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14.

You might be wondering how Apple came into all this stuff. Well, as per the report of the blogger, the Chinese manufacturer is trying its level hard to compete with Apple in every manner. The company has initiated some of the best techs in the Mate 50 devices to make them one of the best smartphone products in the market.

Previously, Huawei was lacking behind Apple in the hardware aspect. Comparatively, the Chinese tech maker has slightly less reactive hardware components than Apple. But this year, things have taken a U-turn for the company.

Huawei Mate 50 Apple

New Technologies, Better Features

In the latest developments, the company has not only made improvements in the hardware section but also uplift the software experience for its users. Alongside, it has also imposed some high-quality technologies such as the XMAGE that will bring photography skills to a new level.

In short, if we look at the Mate 50 series, it is fully eligible to stand and share the same bar with Apple.

Apart from these tugs, the tipster also states that the company has begun its preparation for the recording of the Mate 50 series conference. And as per the hearsay, this is going to be a huge event and will bring several benefits for Huawei at its doorsteps.

However, 5G is a field that Huawei Mate 50 series may come to a slowdown against iPhone 14 along with the chipset but the company will surely put a good fight.

Huawei Mate 50 Apple


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