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Huawei Data Storage New Product Launch Event scheduled for February 20



Huawei Data Storage Product Launch Event

Huawei has scheduled the Data Storage New Year New Product Launch event for February 20, 2024. Eventually, the company will unveil some useful products and share their strategies for developing a crucial and sustainable data storage industry.

According to the information, the Huawei Data Storage New Year New Product launch event is divided into four parts. The first part will reflect the activation of the potential of data assets by storing power by the President of Huawei Data Storage Product Line – Dr. Zhou Yuefeng.

Consequently, the Director of Huawei Enterprise Commercial Sales Department will take the lead and describe the continuation of deeply exploring the commercial market and help customers digitally upgrade.

Moving on, the event will also discuss how to accelerate the process of data assetization, led by the President of Huawei Distributed Storage field – Yuan. Last but not least, the Vice President of Flash Storage Domain will speak a few words on the Advanced data storage capabilities and its benefits for industries.

Huawei Data Storage Product Launch Event

Looking into the official inputs, Huawei shared an introduction of the event on its official website. It says that the company values data as an important source of value creation and a strategic resource.

No doubt, the company will continue to innovate in the field of ICT and data infrastructure, develop advanced data storage capabilities, and play a key role in ensuring that data assets are secure, readily available, mobile, and well-used.

On the flip side, the Chinese tech giant sticks to innovation and works with customers and partners to nurture the development of the data infrastructure. Perhaps, we may find new data storage products with far better functionalities this year.


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