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Huawei could launch new flagship oriented feature this year



Huawei new flagship feature

Huawei is preparing a new feature for the upcoming flagship devices that could launch soon. According to the input coming from Weibo tipster Pengpeng, Huawei is testing a new feature called “fault type rolling” for flagship models, it’s mentioned as a next-generation technology.

However, the tipster didn’t reveal specific details about this feature and we never heard of it before. Since it seems like a brand-new tech, we will look forward to the unveiling.

Over the past years, Huawei continue to innovate new technologies for consumers. These innovations contribute big to improve the user experience.

Huawei new flagship feature

Huawei has three major launches for this year including Mate X3, P60 series, and Mate 60 series. But the tipster, while interacting with followers, suggests that Mate X3 could be the first recipient.

Huawei Mate X3:

Huawei Mate X3 is the next generation of foldable phones that will carry the right folding design of its predecessor. On the other hand, the phone will bring lightweight and an improved hinge system. It’s expected this foldable device will be the first to bring out the next generation of satellite connectivity. It will be the first smartphone to enter the launch stage.

Huawei P60 series:

Huawei P60 series is the next P series smartphone and it is loaded with a variety of new features but the main focus will return to the camera specifications, which include XMAGE imaging and variable aperture.

Huawei Mate 60:

According to past plans, Huawei could launch Mate 60 series in the second half of this year but there’s more confirmation needed on this subject.

(source – Weibo)

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