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Huawei continue to innovate UHD video field, won National Technology Invention Award



Huawei Video

The Huawei Director Zhou Jianton and Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School’s Wang Ronggang jointly participated in a project related to the video field. This project won the National Technology Invention Award in Beijing on November 3rd, 2021.

This general project titled “Ultra HD Video Polymorphic Primitive Codec Key Technology”, jointly participated by Huawei and Peking University. Simultaneously, Huawei was also honored for technological innovation and industrialization of ultra-large-capacity intelligent backbone routers.

Reports shows, the technology used in this project is widespread in the video field, Huawei has made a great contribution to it. In addition, it also defines standard industrial chains including chips, system algorithms, and applications.

Multiple firms are using the video polymorphic primitive codec key technology nowadays. Besides, it has 7.109 billion Yuan earning in the past three years with a gross profit of 1.038 billion Yuan. There will be no doubt if the worldwide industry reached nearly 100 billion yuan in the future.

Huawei Video

Specialty of the Video Project:

The video project jointly made by Huawei and Peking University offers an independent ultra-high-definition real-time encoder and decoding chip. This newly developed chip is able to support the first ultra-high-definition channel CCTV-4K in China. It’s the first project of its kind in the country.

UHD Video Polymorphic Primitive Codec Technology:

According to the media reports, ultra-high-definition video polymorphic primitive encoding and decoding successfully compress and encode the ultra-high-definition video data. At the same time, it can transfer it to the end device through a strong network.

Afterward, the chip process the decoding operation and then restores the UHD definition view for the users. The industry is familiar with this technology but this project presented it with new capabilities.

Huawei and Video Field:

Besides this project, Huawei is continually working to enhance its devices’ video shooting abilities. Recently, it discloses a VR video shooting patent that is able to lessen the dependability on professional panoramic equipment. In addition, it’ll reduce the burden of using extremely heavy panoramic photography components.

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