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Huawei completes first 5G-A synaesthesia fusion technology testing in Yunnan



Huawei 5G-A technology testing Yunnan

Huawei and Yunnan Mobile Corporation have completed the testing of the first 5G-A synaesthesia fusion technology in Erhai Lake, West China. Both parties are putting efforts to bring the 5.5G network technology and boost the low-altitude scenarios in the province.

5G-A synaesthesia fusion is one of the crucial network technologies. It helps in widening the connection outlines in a region. Besides, it expands the scope of using one network with multiple users in real-time without facing interruption.

A few weeks ago, the Chinese tech giant launched the first 5.5G commercial zone in Yunnan to provide 10 Gigabit facilities. In the latest edition, Huawei has finished testing of the new 5G-A synaesthesia fusion technology with Yunnan Mobile.

Huawei 5G-A technology testing Yunnan

Eventually, the respective technology trial was quite innovative and carried out the detection of drones within low-altitude coverage in Yunnan. These drones were capable of displaying key details such as measurement, speed, angle, and position accuracy in real-time.

It further achieved inputs regarding trajectory tracking, electronic fence alarms, black flight intrusion, and more. The latest tech can effectively develop low-altitude airspace orders and ensure safety for 3D traffic control.

Huawei 5G-A synaesthesia solution uses a 4.9GHz frequency band, a transmitter, and a receiver to test the base station functionalities. Huawei and Yunnan Mobile aim to bring a new pattern in the low-altitude scenarios and explore ways that can help strengthen the digital economy among enterprises.


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