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Huawei Colombia extends device exchange program until December 31



Huawei device exchange

Huawei Colombia recently extended the device exchange season for customers. This offer allows replacing their existing smartphone with a new one. All you need to do is to check your phone’s eligibility to participate in the activity and apply for the coupon. Then your phone will be diagnosed for defects and pre-exchange tests.

After passing these eligibility tests, you can signup for the Huawei Colombia Device Exchange Season terms and conditions to receive a discount coupon. This discount coupon can be used while purchasing a new device. There are three categories of assessment.

  1. Used – Like New (minimal use)
  2. Used – Good condition (moderate use)
  3. Used – Fair condition (fair wear signs)

The first one means visibly minimal wear or minimal cosmetic features. The second one is related to visibly moderate use or cosmetic features present on display and or back cover.

The third one explains that the device may have deep, long, visible cosmetic features. The screen or display may be worn. You can have visible dents and bumps that do not affect the operation of the equipment. Visible cosmetic features are reflected on the display and back cover.

Huawei Colombia device exchange

Eligibility Test:

Huawei will test your device for the following features: Power on, LCD functional, touch functional, charging port functional, power, and home button functional. Also for the SIM card reader functional, battery charge, data wiped, and visual inspection for cosmetic features.


You should know that the offer is only valid through Huawei’s authorized experience store. You can check the complete list here.

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