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Huawei Cloud unveils new Industrial Internet platform reference white paper



Huawei Industrial Internet white paper

During the Analyst Summit 2024 conference, Huawei Cloud unveiled the new industrial Internet Platform Reference Architecture white paper. It mainly relied upon new solutions and large-scale model capabilities to boost industrialization aspects.

The Vice President of Huawei Hybrid Cloud – Hu Yuhai took the initiative to release the new industrial internet platform white paper. He delivered a keynote mentioning how the company relied upon its 30 years of tech accumulation and service experience.

With better results via cloud computing, AI big data, and other useful solutions, the company proposed a new industrial internet platform reference architecture.

This new framework runs on the cloud platform and combines a variety of digital resources like network, platform, security, industrial intelligence, and application to for a deep integration with the industrial system architecture.

Huawei Cloud defines five significant capabilities of this new architecture:

  • Industrial cloud-edge collaboration
  • Industrial intelligent data acquisition
  • Industrial data fusion
  • Industrial digital intelligence collaboration
  • Industrial application development
Huawei Industrial Internet white paper

Hu Yuhai, Vice President of Huawei Hybrid Cloud unveils new White Paper (Image Credits: Huawei)

The company further talked about how it has associated with several new partners in the region to enhance its facilities and provide customers with more rich services.

The CEO of Huawei Host Cloud Corps and President of Hybrid Cloud – Shang Haifeng said:

“On the journey to achieve new industrialization, comprehensive digitalization, cloudification, and intelligence are the general trends. Based on our rich practices in manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, electric power, and other industries, we propose a new industrial Internet platform reference architecture that hopes to fully empower the development of new industrialization with intelligence and accelerate the transition to industrial digital intelligence.”

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