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Huawei Cloud Store now offers Galaxy Kirin advanced V10 system and services



Huawei Cloud Galaxy Kirin V10

Huawei Cloud Store has officially launched the Galaxy Kirin advanced V10 (version 10) system and its highly effective services on its surface. Eventually, Chinese users and operators can now easily access the beneficial product.

For your information, Galaxy Kirin (also referred to as Kylin) advanced V10 is an upgraded operating system. The main objective of the corresponding product is to provide aid for business and industrial purposes.

Further, it looks after the following aspects:

  • High-availability scenarios for constant data security
  • Timely recovery of data and application programming disasters
  • Stability of data and applications
  • Providing immediate solutions for business interruption and other issues
  • Supports second-level switching, monitoring, and more to control single-point systems

On the other hand, the Galaxy Kirin advanced V10 comes with a bunch of thoughtful features. Accordingly, these features are related to the installation, activation, and interface management, and offer a firm solution to the businesses.

In simple words, the respective solution serves several benefits to enterprises. Besides, being a safe and trusted product, it provides a secure and transparent environment for consumers and operators.

Huawei Cloud and Galaxy Kirin V10 combination

Consequently, Huawei Cloud has now availed the tech-pack Kirin V10 system and its supporting services on its platform. As a result, Chinese users and developers can utilize the advanced product to satisfy administration and industrial requirements.

In addition, the solution will also help in framing a comprehensive Cloud framework for operators and businesses so that they can provide more efficient facilities to consumers. Notably, the Galaxy Kirin V10 will introduce simpler and cost-effective services for rapid growth and development.

To highlight the merits to more extent, Huawei Cloud mentioned that the Kirin V10 operating system will continue to integrate with the company. Thus, the future will embrace more improved and enhanced products and services in the business sectors.

Alongside this, it will keep on developing its internal systems with meaningful upgrades to provide a better user experience.


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