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Huawei Cloud gets world’s first cloud native satellite with sky computing constellation in space



Huawei Cloud native satellite

On December 10, the world’s first cloud native satellite equipped with Sky Computing Constellation computing platform has successfully entered and operating stably in orbit verified Huawei Cloud reported by Chinese Media.

The Huawei Cloud “Cloud Edge Integrated” solution verified it in space for the first time. Now, this expermential satellites will be able to simultaneously call edge and central cloud resources in space. It also have AI capabilities and multi-task processing capabilities, which can maximize efficiency and response speed and help satellites enter the era of smart phones.

After successful verification, Huahuajia’s Huawei Cloud “Cloud Edge Integrated” solution will be deployed in batches in the six satellites of the first phase of the “Sky Computing Constellation” to form a collaborative computing network in space.It can better serve emergency communications in the future , Ecological monitoring, disaster prevention and mitigation, and urban construction.

Huawei Cloud native satellite

The “Sky Computing Constellation” project was jointly initiated by Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications’ Shenzhen Graduate School and Tianyi Research Institute. To provide an open source platform for on-orbit testing of aerospace computing integrated with production, education and research. Also, it can technical support for the development of my country’s 6G network, satellite Internet and other technologies.

Huawei Cloud said that as the first batch of cooperative joint manufacturing units, it will integrate edge computing and satellite computing platforms. So that satellites can simultaneously call edge and central cloud resources in space, and have AI capabilities and multitasking capabilities.

According to the test data through the coordinated estimation of satellites and ground stations, the calculation accuracy is improved by more than 50%, and the amount of data returned by the satellite can be reduced by 90%, and the satellite cloud Will enter – the original era.

With cloud-native edge computing, we can discard low-quality image data that is more than 50% covered by cloud and snow, through on-orbit AI estimation, reducing transmission pressure, and is effective. Huawei uses Cloud in central nodes with rich computing resources.

The high-precision AI model calculates image preprocessing, water area extraction, and monitoring report generation to reduce the time from the typical 1 day to 1 hour, which greatly improves emergency response times. In addition, Satellite Edge missions can be updated as needed. Through AI logic in orbit, mountain collapse risks are detected, hidden geological hazards are detected in advance, and early warnings are given by comparing images before and after heavy rains.

(Source: ithome)

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