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Huawei claims first spot in global external storage market with 33.6% share



Huawei global external storage market

The latest ranking statistics for the global external storage market reveal that Huawei has claimed the first spot with 33.6% of the market share. Another surprising piece of news is that the tech giant has surpassed Dell for the first time in history and marked its place at the top.

Recently, the Gartner market research organization published the Q3 2023 worldwide external storage market report. While the top vendor Dell has fallen by 26.1% in the storage market, Huawei came out with flying colors and bagged the first position.

Huawei has secured an increase of 33.6% in the global external storage market and showed that it not only has a good track record in the smartphone business but also maintains efficiency in other sectors.

On the other hand, Dell is seeing a decline from 27.6% to 23.1% in the entire global ECB storage market. Whereas, Huawei has gained a growth of 7%, exceeding by 20%.

Huawei global external storage market

For the first time in history, Huawei has left Dell behind in the worldwide storage market share – thanks to the ultimate OceanStor Pacific products that claim to offer high-performance and responsive functioning.

In November, Huawei introduced dynamic OceanStor Pacific products such as the 9950 high-density, and 9920 large-capacity all-flash storage systems. These products are proficient in offering better facilities and performance to consumers.

The Chinese tech maker believes that data has become a core asset in the digital economy era for enterprises and demands extreme security. Hence, new OceanStor Pacific products in this field support the highest capacity and improve performance by 20 times.

Concluding the report, Gartner cites that Huawei is effectively maintaining its growth in the storage market. Eventually, the day is not so far when Huawei will obtain the top rank in the worldwide storage and memory market.


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