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Huawei CEO, Yu Chengdong attends cooperation signing with Changan Auto



Huawei cooperation changan

On August 17, Huawei Smart Car Solution and China’s one of the largest car makers – Changan Auto signed an agreement of cooperation and the event is attended by Huawei smart car business CEO, Yu Chengdong along with this Changan counterpart.

Yu Chengdong is also joined by his team of intelligent car driving solutions at Huawei including the president of the smart driving product line and the general manager of the smart driving field – Li Wenguang.

The wide appearance of top officials from both parties reflects the importance of this cooperation. But the terms and the strategic revelation are now shown in public instead of the photographs.

However, it’s not the first time, both companies are engaging in deep cooperation.

Huawei cooperation changan

For your information, Changan and Huawei already have a collaborative brand called “AVATR“, which is using Huawei’s entire smart driving model – Huawei Hi. The first collaborative car from this brand is – AVATR 11, which has various new technologies and a stylish design.

The new cooperation may also mean that Changan and Huawei want to expand further, even further than AVATR. Therefore, the analyst believes that Changan might also apply Huawei technologies to its main products in the future, especially the HarmonyOS smart car cockpit system.

Huawei New Avita 11

Over the past three years, Huawei made rapid development of various smart car technologies including Lidar and autonomous driving. These are gaining attraction from various industry players.

Recently, Huawei also announced its first collaborative sedan – Luxeed¬†with Chinese car maker Chery. It’s also expected that more of the collaboration will come by next year, as the car industry looking for a better transition over EVs and smart driving.

For that, Yu Chengdong is making efforts to capture more of the smart car solutions market and Changan quite agrees to his approach with this new Huawei cooperation agreement.

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