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Huawei breaks record for holding the largest market share in China for Q2 2018



Huawei including its subsidiary Honor has now grasped the biggest ever market share of 27%, which wasn’t achieved since 2011. According to the source, Huawei also broke the sells record in the greater number for shipment in the same quarter.

According to the Market research institute Canalys, Huawei’s mobile phone market share reached a new record of 27%, which is also the biggest market share in China since 2011 created by smartphone manufacturers.

Specifically, in the Q2 quarter of this year, China’s smartphone shipments rebounded to over 100 million units. In contrast, mobile phone shipments in the first quarter of this year were 91 million units.

Huawei’s mobile phone market share in China is 27%, which is a significant increase from the 21% market share in the first quarter, followed by Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi. Among them, Oppo with 21% share, Vivo with 20% Xiaomi with 14% and other manufacturers with 18% market shares.

The top five mobile phone manufacturers accounted for 90% of the total shipments in China, compared with 73% the previous year. In addition, Huawei’s outstanding achievements combined with its subsidiary Honor are also inseparable. Canalys analysts said that Honor mobile phone accounted for 55% of Huawei’s second quarter shipments in 2018, compared with 33% in the previous year.

“Honor is now the largest smartphone brand in the Huawei Consumer Business Group,” said Canalys Analysts Mo Jia.

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