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Huawei begins mass production of its next foldable phone: Report



Huawei Mate V Flip foldable phone next gen

Despite all of the issues that Huawei is facing in the global market, the Chinese tech maker hasn’t stopped innovating. In the latest edition of this segment, it’s reported that Huawei has begun the mass production of its next-gen foldable phone, which is quite amazing news.

According to a report coming from Taiwanese media, Huawei has started the mass production of its next-generation foldable phone in November. It’s mentioned that the phone will compete against Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 but the price could be lower.

The report also wrote shows that the success of Galaxy Z Flip has brought the interest of other tech makers into this field and they also want to produce the same products to step foot into this smartphone category. Despite their futuristic appearance and interesting features, foldable phones are using immature glass technology and costs high as compared to regular flagship devices.

Huawei Mate V Flip foldable phone next gen

Talking about Samsung, the company launched its Z Flip 3 in August this year, and in over 40 days, the model received over 1 million sales on the record. Samsung plans to increase shipments of foldable smartphones from 7 million to 13 million by 2022, including 4 million Galaxy Z Fold and 9 million Galaxy Z Flip.

On the other hand, due to the restrictions, Samsung’s rival Huawei is currently lagging behind in the foldable smartphones segment but it’s very much capable of making such innovation as seen in the Mate X2.

Previous sources reveal that Huawei could launch a new flip design smartphone that will come with a powerful hinge system named – Mate V. Although, Huawei has not spoken anything on this matter.

Huawei Mate V Flip:

Huawei Mate V has a clamshell phone design. The main panel is a full view display that folds inward. There are function keys on the left and the right side consist volume and power buttons. Meanwhile, the bottom side features ports and speaker grills for the input.

Huawei Mate V

On the rear side, the Mate V flip is likely to feature a camera bump that is large and placed vertical camera system featuring different lense. However, there are different techs that could be introduced while the phone makes its entrance on the ground.

(via – Chinese media)

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