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Huawei begins Global XMAGE Awards 2023



On April 7, 2023, Huawei officially began HUAWEI XMAGE Awards 2023. As an open platform for Huawei’s mobile video, the Huawei Video Contest encourages creators to record and share their knowledge in the way they are good at and witness the burst of inspiration. The competition will close at 24:00 Beijing time (GMT +8) on August 15, 2023.

Since 2017, Huawei held image competitions around the world every year, constantly exploring new ways of image expression. As of 2022, it has received nearly 4 million submissions, covering more than 170 countries and regions, and has accumulated rich video cultural assets.

This Huawei XMAGE Awards 2023 will continue to lead the innovation of mobile images and stimulate users’ creativity. Video is not only a record of moments and stories but also an expression of the creator’s self-concept and style.

Compared with last year, this year’s competition has newly upgraded three photography categories of “good images are not afraid of being late”, “portrait” and “travel”, with more creative themes.

In addition, the competition also ushered in a new lineup of judges, and a total of 5 heavyweight professional judges were invited to participate in the review.

These are Chen Xiaobo, vice chairman of the Chinese Photographers Association, fashion photographer Pei Tongtong, Portuguese landscape photographer José Ramos, Australian Portrait photographer Jessica Hromas, and Li Changzhu, vice president of the Strategic Marketing Department of Huawei Device BG.

They have both professional perspectives and diverse backgrounds, and will jointly judge, discuss, and select the final award-winning works.

There are 9 categories in this competition, namely:

  • A good image is not afraid of being late – from the moment the night falls, look for the faint light at night.
  • Portrait – use his or her self-portrait to portray the emotions of the characters.
  • Art and Fashion – Fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression, capture the fashion moments that inspire you.
  • Traveling far —shoot farther, go far away to shoot. Let’s record the beauty of the heart.
  • Hello, life – the ordinary moments in everyday life are extraordinary under your lens.
  • Group photo story – 3-9 photos are combined into a story, told from multiple perspectives.
  • Start shooting – or the heartbeat is accelerating, or the blood is boiling, record a wonderful segment within 30 seconds.
  • Mobile Movies (Short films within 5 minutes, long films 5-30 minutes) – There are always those cute or fearsome characters, all shaped by you.
  • Student Special Attention Award – for Chinese students aged 18-24.

The competition sets up more groups to provide a stage for more exciting content to showcase the unique observation and expression methods of the contestants.

The competition sets up the “Student Special Attention Award” for students aged 18-24 in mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan), aiming to encourage students to explore more possibilities of Huawei mobile phone images.

Contestants need to submit their personal introductions, photographic works, and work explanations to ([email protected]), and the competition organizing committee will reserve the follow-up verification of the identity of the winners.

The global unified submission channel is the official Huawei Imaging website ( ). Overseas users can also contribute through the HUAWEI Community (Huawei Overseas Community).

Chinese users can also contribute from Huawei Themes, My Huawei, Huawei Mall, MeeTime and other competition areas will submit contributions.

Entries must be images taken with Huawei mobile phones. There is no limit to the creation time and the model of Huawei mobile phones. For more rules, please visit the official website of the competition.

The competition will select 3 annual photographers, 24 group winners, 27 winners, 10 students’ special attention awards, and 5 organizing committee recommendation awards. The specific rewards are as follows:

Photographer of the Year (3 winners)

  • Each person will receive US$10,000 (before tax) from the Huawei Video Creation Fund
  • Electronic award certificate

Category Winners (24)

  • Each person will receive US$1,500 from the Huawei Video Creation Fund (before tax)
  • Electronic award certificate

Winners (27)

  • Each person will receive US$1,000 (before tax) from the Huawei Video Creation Fund
  • Electronic award certificate

Organizing Committee Recommendation Award (5 winners)

  • Huawei Video Creation Fund 500 USD (before tax)
  • Electronic award certificate

Student Special Attention Award (10 winners)

  • Each person will get a Nova 10 Pro mobile phone (8+256G)
  • Each person will get a Huawei Matebook 14s notebook (i7/16+1TB)
  • Each person will get a Huawei MatePad Pro tablet (11 inches, 8+256G WiFi version)
  • Each person gets a Huawei WATCH FIT 2 watch
  • Each person will get a pair of Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 earphones
  • Electronic award certificate

Huawei XMAGE awards 2023


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