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Huawei Band 7 NFC Edition now avails at amazingly low price



huawei band 7 price drop

Once again, Huawei Band 7 with NFC version is arriving on the sale platform at an extremely low price. The latest information reveals that the ultimate wearable is now available for just 215 yuan [30.13 USD].

Huawei Band 7 is one the best and most affordable smart gadgets that one could choose. It exhibits a slim-trim design with a bunch of elegant and attractive colors. Besides, it provides useful and easy-to-use features.

So far, the watch appeared in low-pricing scenarios many times. But, often due to server defects, users miss such benefits. Don’t worry, as you still have a chance to get the Huawei Band 7 NFC version at an effective low price.

The official online shopping channel has initiated a big promotion day. As of which the Huawei Band 7 NFC edition is available for 225 yuan [31.52 USD]. But here comes the twist! Users with a Plus membership can apply the 10 yuan coupon to get the device at 215 yuan.

Even if you cannot redeem the coupon you are still getting a great discount. Notably, the original wristband rate is 309 yuan [43.29 USD]. However, you can obtain the Band 7 device for just 225 yuan.

Huawei Band 7 – Low Price!

Huawei Band 7 – Specifications

The stylish gadget sports a 1.47-inch AMOLED display screen with a 194 x 368 pixels resolution. Besides, this mini-screen supports touch gestures efficiently. It provides a 2 weeks battery life and can easily connect with Android and iOS devices.

Further, the device can conveniently support numerous health monitoring features. For instance, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen measurement, and more.

Alongside thoughtful functions, you will also find 100+ workout activities and Smart Assistant features. Eventually, you can directly access calls, messages, weather forecasts,  and music control without using your smartphone.

So do not let this moment slip from your hands. Tap on the above-given link and grab the super-duper offer right now.

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