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Huawei-BAIC likely to launch first ‘STELATO’ brand electric sedan car in 2024



Huawei BAIC STELATO car launch

Huawei and BAIC smart car corporation have joined hands to launch the first ‘STELATO’ brand electric sedan car. According to the details, both parties will indulge in smart vehicle making and release the dynamic product in the first half of 2024.

The information further reveals that the prototype of the Huawei and BAIC STELATO brand car has already been released. Eventually, this would be a medium-to-large pure electric sedan with eye-catching features and smart car solutions.

Recently, Huawei has handed over several STELATO trademarks to the BAIC automobile firm. These trademark applications have been approved. It seems as if Huawei is ready to unveil another brand in the smart car market, following the Wenjie and Zhijie models.

Huawei BAIC STELATO car launch

Speaking of the new trademark, ‘STELATO’ is the English term for Huawei and BAIC collaboration brand, just like AITO and Luxeed. Meanwhile, it refers to the ‘starry sky’ in Chinese. Perhaps, Huawei and BAIC will release a shining smart car product in the time ahead.

Last month, the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group – Yu Chengdong mentioned the codename of the smart car jointly developed by Huawei and BAIC – X4. As per the details, the car will wear a price tag of 300,000 to 400,000 yuan (42, 300 USD approx).

As usual, BAIC will fulfill the requirements of delivering the vehicle’s base platform and production facilities. Whereas, Huawei will look after the smart car solutions and sales revenue. Probably, the launch of the Huawei-BAIC STELATO brand car would be worth watching.

Huawei BAIC STELATO car launch


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