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Huawei backed AVATR 12 enter mass production, shipping in Q4 this year




AVATR CEO, Tan Benhong announced today that the mass production car model of AVATR 12 has officially been pushed out of the assembly line.

Tan said that the AVATR 12 is currently the best-looking, smartest, and most comfortable car with luxury. The AVATR boss also revealed that the new car took a hefty investment of over 2 billion yuan.

AVATR is a collaborative brand made by Changan Auto, CATL and Huawei. In this partnership, Huawei is working as a smart components and software supplier for the car, CATL is supplying the battery, and Changan for the entire build of the vehicles.

Compared to AVATR 11, the new model has customized H-shaped batteries from CATL. With the new battery layout, the car has greatly improved the rear seating space. However, this new change increased the production cost by bar large margin.


The car uses a family-oriented design concept, with a butterfly-wing front face and sci-fi center grille. Its length, width, and height are 5020/1999/1460 (1450) mm respectively and the wheelbase is 3020mm.

The AVATR 12 comes in 20 and 21 rim sizes, and the traditional exterior rearview mirrors are also canceled and replaced with electronic versions. This could further reduce wind resistance and effectively enhance technological attributes.

In terms of improvements, the new AVATR 12 has added a new steering wheel, a layered center console, and a 35.4-inch 4K panoramic widescreen in the front.


AVATR 12 four-wheel drive model is equipped with Huawei’s DriveONE dual-motor system. The maximum power of the front and rear motors is 195kW/230kW respectively.

The maximum power of the single-motor model is 230kW. It is also offering a CATL ternary lithium battery pack with a capacity of 94.53 degrees. NEDC pure electric cruising range is 650km and 700km and supports 750V high-voltage ultra-fast charging.

AVATR will start shipping the AVATR 12 in the fourth quarter of this year.


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