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Huawei Assistant public beta is out with notification enhancements



Huawei Assistant public beta

Huawei Assistant is now getting the public beta update with a big changelog. The company has opened the new app version testing for a limited period and you should sign up on time to explore new features ahead of the official release.

The information reveals that Huawei Assistant is getting the public beta update with a software package of 47.9 Megabytes. Ensure to have good enough storage before enrolling yourself in the public beta testing activity, to avoid failure.

Note that the Huawei Assistant public beta phase is live for two days, up till March 29. Thereafter, the company may give last-minute touch-ups to the app for a final rollout.

Further details reveal that Huawei Assistant is now getting support for a variety of new features including the Live Window capability for the DiDi ride-hailing application. Even Pocket 2 users can use this feature on the external screen panel.

The DiDi ride application will now show up on the Live Window, giving you real-time status of your bookings. You can even use a small screen, lock screen reminder and more tools to check the current travel progress and relevant details.

Huawei Assistant public beta

Huawei Assistant gets public beta (Image Credits: ITHome)

New Features:

  • Supports Live Window for DiDi ride-hailing apps on HarmonyOS 4 devices (Pocket 2).
  • Service-related alerts expand to 2 rows showing 8 notifications at a time (only accessible in Quick Service and Message mode).
  • Adjusted tab heights in the notification area with rounded-square-shaped icons.
  • Smart reminder cards support display.
  • Added a new device power service for Pocket 2 users (can access the feature via an external screen). This feature has a battery level icon and shows the battery percent of the device when connected to Bluetooth.
  • Optimizes the express delivery service and shows ‘No delivery yet’, when there is no alert.
  • Displays subtitles and increases the service suggestions number by one row on the search start page.
  • New phone permissions and installed apps list appear in tabs so you can have quick knowledge of weekly/monthly traffic consumption.
  • Quick Service mode will exhibit services related to installed apps that you can access in one click.
  • About section now appears on the Personal Center page.
  • Users can manually add the hot list cards to those handsets that have canceled the default preset settings.
Huawei Assistant public beta

Huawei Assistant public beta update (Image Credits: ITHome)

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