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Huawei Ascend AI exceeds 1.8 million global developers



Huawei Ascend

The Ascend AI platform has now reached a new milestone with 1.8 million global developers, confirmed Huawei. The company made this announcement at the 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) in Shanghai.

Huawei revealed that its Ascend AI industry is growing rapidly and the global developers of Ascend AI have exceeded 1.8 million developers. It has partnered with 30+ hardware companies and over 200 ISVs (Independent Software Vendors). More than 2500 industry AI solutions, serving operators, Internet, finance, and other industries on a large scale.

Additionally, a number of listed Chinese firms have also entered the Ascend AI ecosystem, and have made substantial progress in applications.

The full-stack AI software and hardware platform is based on Huawei’s Ascend series AI processors and mainstream heterogeneous computing components in the industry for full-scenario AI infrastructure solutions.

At HDC (Cloud) Hu Houkun, the rotating chairman of Huawei, delivered a keynote speech “A New Era of Win-Win Artificial Intelligence”.

Mr. Houkun mentioned that the key to developing artificial intelligence is to “go deep into reality”, empower industrial upgrading, and serve the industry well.

For the current innovation of large models, Huawei provides a full process to enable support for scientific research institutions and enterprise customers.

It has natively incubated more than 20 basic large models and adapted to over 10 mainstream large models in the industry. Almost half of China’s large models are powered by Ascend AI.

Currently, Huawei powered 25 cities including Shanghai, Wuhan, and Xi’an, and built artificial intelligence computing centers based on Ascend AI to provide inclusive computing power infrastructure services.

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