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Huawei AppGallery

Huawei AppGallery for PC gets a new update with improvements for core features



Huawei AppGallery

Huawei has its own application distributed platform, AppGallery, which was introduced as an alternative to the Google Play Store.

In the past year, Huawei has continuously improved the AppGallery ecosystem and brought new features for the users. This app market now has over 530 million monthly active users and available in more than 170 countries.

Last month, Huawei launched the PC version of AppGallery to fulfill the PC software and app requirements. It brings high-quality apps, a selected list, and a quick app section that is ready to use without the need of installing apps.

AppGallery for the PC version has five sections – Exploration, Office, Classification, Management, and Settings. Within these sections, there are also subsections of apps and games.


According to the latest news, Huawei has released a new software update for the AppGallery PC version. This update brings some features that improve user experience and provide more privacy.

Check the new version and changelog below.

New Version:

  • Huawei PC AppGallery comes with version with an update size of 117.1 MB.

Whats’s new in this update:

  • Added Huawei ID login
  • Optimizes automatic removal of the installation packages


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Huawei AppGallery

Huawei updated AppGallery review guidelines



AppGallery updated guidlines

Huawei is a self-sufficient corporation that has its homebrew products and services for the consumer’s support and satisfaction. And Huawei AppGallery is one of the major and important parts, notably the company has recently updated new review guidelines for the AppGallery.

The new version of the AppGallery is packed with a number of new guidelines, that provides users secure, trustworthy, and sustainably working with the App. Alongside this, the instruction aims to patch the security gap between the company and you.

However, the company distributed this for a premium and handy experience for the users and high-end security. This improvement commences meeting the constantly changing environment and requirements.

Below you can check the adjustments to the updated guidelines of the Huawei AppGallery:


Huawei AppGallery guidelines

AppGallery update description

  • App information: Optimized the descriptions about settings of the app name, app icon, content rating, and other app information.
  • App Security: Outlined requirements regarding security risks including system damages, fraud, malicious charges, information theft, remote control, the spreading of malicious information, tariff spending, and hooliganism.
  • App Functions: Optimized the descriptions of different function exception scenarios, fake functions, automatic app updates, free trials, and other functions.
  • Content: Optimized the descriptions of the main content change of an app, and the regulations for fraud, vulgar content, pornography, violence, controlled substances, and other content
  • Ads: Optimized the descriptions of popping-up, displaying, tapping, and closing ads.
  • Payment: Optimized the descriptions of the requirements for explicitly displaying the auto-renewal agreement and winning odds of in-app lucky draws.
  • Minor Protection: Added this chapter to describe the requirements for app content, privacy policy, and other aspects, for protecting minors.
  • App Qualification: Specified that qualification documents shall be complete, authentic, and valid, and forgery or alteration is prohibited.
  • Developer behavior: Added requirements for developers on replying to user comments on their apps.

On the other hand, their updated guidelines have already been released and will go into effect on October 1, 2022. Before launching your app, Huawei advises you to follow the review guidelines for updates and make any necessary improvements in accordance with any related revisions.

For more information visit the official page (Click here)

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Huawei AppGallery

Huawei AppGallery welcomes popular MIR4 game with attractive prizes in Philippines



Huawei AppGallery MIR4

Hey, Huawei fans! Ready to enjoy a new gaming scenario? Huawei AppGallery has launched the super popular game MIR4 with some attractive prizes and offerings for its consumers. AppGallery has added the respective game in the high-ranking category with a bunch of benefits for gaming lovers.

Are you new to the gaming world and don’t know much about MIR4? Well, it is one of the famous entertainment packages among the youth nowadays. This game falls in the class of multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG).

The game is full of rough actions. For instance, in gathering, hunting, and crafting PVP (Player Versus Player) battles, meeting new game characters, and more. Thus, individuals who are fond of thrills and action will enjoy this game at the utmost level.

So what new benefits does this new addition in AppGallery brings to you? From today onwards till the 8th of September, at 11:59, users residing in the Philippines with Huawei ID will be able to gain exclusive promotions and can win various exciting prizes.


MIR4 Offers and Prizes

  • Gift Voucher: Users that will install the MIR4 game from AppGallery will get a gift voucher worth 1,124 PHP [19.79 USD].
  • In-app Purchase Discount: MIR4 users will also get a 20% of discount on their first in-app purchase. Alongside this, you will get an extra 10 percent discount on making the in-app purchase during the offer period.
  • Spin the Wheel offer: Ahead of the tempting gifts, the MIR4 gamers will get a chance to spin the wheel and win eye-catching offerings. For instance, Huawei Nova 9, Huawei FreeBuds 4, Huawei Bluetooth Speaker (CM510) gift vouchers, and Huawei coupons. Remember, the spin is acceptable once per day.

However, for utilizing all these gifts, users must have Huawei ID, registered to the Huawei AppGallery. So get ready to play and experience some adventurous tracks with MIR4. You can install the game from the below link.

Download MIR4 Game from Huawei AppGallery

Huawei AppGallery MIR4


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Huawei AppGallery

Huawei AppGallery for PC gets update that supports quick apps



Huawei has begun sending a new update for the PC version of AppGallery that comes with upgraded version number and an installation package size of 221.2MB. This latest update consisted of a number of optimizations and fixes to provide an improved user experience.

The new changelog for the AppGallery PC version includes optimization for the interface, added sorting methods, and enhances the PC fast application engine. Additionally, it fixes some issues and improved the stability of the application. However, this apps shows auto-update behavior or supports automatic updates.

Huawei AppGallery PC Version update: Changelog

  • Optimized the “My” interface, and added support for more sorting methods
  • Enhanced PC quick application engine to support more types of quick applications
  • Fixed some issues and improved stability

AppGallery PC Version

Huawei AppGallery PC version:

In February 2021, Huawei launched the PC version of AppGallery with version 1.0. It is a collection of high-quality applications, a list of selected topics, manual review, age classification, pure downloading, and safe and worry-free.


In addition, Huawei has also added Huawei Browser and Huawei Cloud Space’s own client for cross-terminal content collaboration. AppGallery PC comes has five sections:

  1. Exploration
  2. Office
  3. Classification
  4. Management
  5. Settings

Huawei Browser:

Log in to your Huawei ID, and synchronize bookmarks across devices on your smartphones and PC. The minimalist of Huawei Browser makes browsing easier and sufficient, as it comes with blocking, intelligence anti-tracking browsing to keep your internet surfing experience secure.

Huawei Cloud:

Store your important data on Huawei Cloud and use your Huawei account to easily view important data such as gallery, memos, and contacts across different devices. With a new upgraded cloud, and file editing is automatically synchronized across different devices. You can upload large files and retrieve them as required.

(Source: ithome)

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