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Huawei AppGallery announced top apps 2022 list



huawei appgallery apps list 2022

Yes, it’s time to wrap up this year, and Huawei is ready to present some of the top apps that helped users to get the most out of their searches via AppGallery in 2022.

According to the information, Huawei AppGallery 2022 annual top apps list is distributed in three categories – annual apps, annual games, and annual smart life apps. All these consist of a total number of 32 high-quality applications.

Huawei said, AppGallery has improved immensely this year and continues to improve the quality of the content delivered to the users. As developers are paying more attention to bringing better apps to the app distribution platform.

Let’s check the list of 2022 Huawei AppGallery top apps.

huawei appgallery apps list 2022

Annual HarmonyOS app:

These HarmonyOS applications adapt to the service widgets, can be separated, combined, and transferred, and relies on the collaboration and interconnection of multiple devices in the HarmonyOS ecosystem to bring users a smoother experience.

  • Calculating 24 Point
  • Weibo HarmonyOS Edition
  • One Class Schedule

huawei appgallery apps list 2022

Annual Atomic Services:

The annual train provides a new user experience as the core, and provides direct and tiny “atomic” services, with a minimalist experience and one-touch access.

The top annual atomic services apps are:

  • Fit Fitness
  • QQ Music Listening to Songs and Identifying Songs
  • Medicine Steward

As of October, HarmonyOS-equipped devices have exceeded 320 million units, there are more than 2 million HarmonyOS ecosystem developers, and HarmonyOS atomic services have reached 50000.

huawei appgallery apps list 2022

New Cutting-Edge App of the Year:

  • Meitu Wink
  • Nuannuan Pocket Account
  • TieTie

huawei appgallery apps list 2022

Hot apps of the year:

  • Dewu
  • Tomato Free Novels
  • Quark

hot apps 2022

Popular Quick Apps of the Year:

  • Kuaishou short video
  • Where to travel
  • Soul

Game of the year:

Hot Game:

  • Diablo: Immortal
  • Defend the Carrot 4
  • Little Ant Country

hot game of the year

Editor’s Choice Game of the year:

  • Dark Zone Breakout
  • Egg Party
  • Cengyou

Editor's choice game of the year

2022 Smart Life App:

This list of apps is based on Huawei’s all-scenario smart life strategy, Huawei’s smart devices adapt the multi-device cross-connection of apps to provide a high-quality and convenient smart user experience.

PC App of the year:

  • Baidu Wangpan
  • TikTok

PC app of the year

Tablet app of the year:

  • Painting World Pro
  • WPS Office (PC engine version)

top tablet apps 2022

Wearable app of the year:

  • Electronic Pet Machine
  • Air Shooting
  • Go Now

werable 2022

Smart Car App:

This year, Huawei added a new sub-list for HarmonyOS-powered smart car system, bringing a mobile application ecosystem to cars.

1. Kugou Music
2. Moji Weather
3. Sina News

smart vehicle ap

As of September 30, 2022, Huawei AppGallery exceeded 580 million active users, and registered global developers reached 6.1 million. The AppGallery platform is available in 170 countries.

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