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Huawei announces Qingyun W515x PC with Kirin 9000C processor



Huawei Qingyun W515x PC Kirin 9000C

Huawei has unexpectedly announced the new Qingyun W515x PC equipped with Kirin 9000C and listed the device on the official website. The Chinese tech giant shared certain details of the respective model, but major specs are still under the hood.

Starting with the outlook, the new PC has a slim and sleek monitor with the most narrow bezels. On the other hand, the CPU offers a variety of ports as HDMI, USB-C, USB-A (USB 3.2 Gen 1), VGA, and more. Although the main highlight is the chipset.

The inputs reveal that the Huawei Qingyun W515x PC is the first product in the industry to install the Kirin 9000C processor. Note that this is an octa-core chipset with a 12-thread package probably due to the hyperthreading technology. Read More

Kirin 9000C consists of a large core clocked at 2.48GHz frequency and may provide boastful performance efficiency to the PC. But other parameters are still unknown.

Huawei Qingyun W515x PC Kirin 9000C

Huawei Qingyun W515x PC listed on official website (Image Credits: Huawei)

Further details say that the device brings three storage versions 8GB + 256GB, 8GB + 512GB, and 16GB + 512GB. All these variants comprise new graphics processing units, immersive display solutions, and other vital features of the desktop.

An early input mentioned that the Qingyun W515x PC will also support Wi-Fi 6, LPDDR5 memory, TPM security chipsets, and some significant hard drives.

Adaptable operating systems for the Huawei Qingyun W515x are KOS 2403 (Kirin Operating System) and UOS 1070 (Tongxin system). Other details of the device are currently missing from the frame. But we will grab them in the upcoming days.

Huawei Qingyun W515x PC Kirin 9000C

Huawei Qingyun W515x PC (Image Credits: Huawei)

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