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Huawei announces first AI computing center in China



Huawei AI computing center China

Huawei has announced the first AI (artificial intelligence) computing center in Wuhan, China. The new project will manage smart operations, ensuring less power consumption and better network efficiency in the nation.

As per the details, the Wuhan AI computing center received approval from the Ministry of Science and Technology. It uses Huawei’s CloudFabric 3.0 hyper-converged data network. As a result, the computing center can effectively look after power security, development, innovation, and eliminate risks.

Talking about CloudFabric 3.0, Huawei built this solution using a lossless Ethernet framework. This is a three-network arrangement merged in a zero-packet-loss base to remove the limitations of heterogeneous protocols. At the same time, it ends foreign technical barriers.

Huawei AI computing center China

In short, CloudFabric 3.0 uses such algorithms that can achieve real-time and precise speed control with zero packet loss in the network. It further participates in online operations and maintains the same scale, doubling the computing power.

Wuhan AI Computing Center in China also installed the Huawei iMaster NCE intelligent management and control system. This solution helps in managing visual intelligence operations and maintenance. On the flip side, it keeps an eye on the network’s health.

Depending on the network graph details, the new project can detect faults in 1 minute. Besides, it can locate the issue in 3 minutes, and repair it within 5 minutes. Moreover, it can recognize the bond between network objects and fault diffusion rules, perceiving 90% of potential risks.


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