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Huawei announced 2022 OlympusMons Awards winners



Huawei 2022 OlympusMons winners

On April 7, 2023, during Global Data Storage Professors Forum, Huawei announced the 2022 OlympusMons winners list and revealed the prizes for the professors who participated in this yearly challenge.

Since 2019, Huawei has released the OlympusMons difficulty with millions of bonuses every year, aiming to guide the direction of basic theoretical research in the field of global data storage.

This is done by resolving key technical problems, accelerating the industrialization of scientific research results, and achieving win-win cooperation between industry, academia, and research.

The forum awarded several Huawei OlympusMons 2022, competition winners. The team led by Professor Onur Mutlu of ETH Zurich focused on the research of data-centric network-storage-computing fusion systems, innovated adaptive optimization algorithms, accelerated the technical iteration of storage architecture, and won the 2022 Olympus Award.

Professor Jin Hai from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China, Professor Zhao Weisheng from Beihang University, Professor Miao Xiangshui from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Professor Liu Jian from Zhejiang University won the 2022 Olympus Pioneer Award.

Huawei also announced two major challenges for OlympusMons in 2023 to the world. The first is to build a storage technology with extreme cost performance per bit. The second is to achieve multi-cloud-oriented data security and data service.

This year, Huawei also hoping to work with the academic community to tackle difficulties in the fields of data-centric storage architecture innovation, media application innovation, new storage media breakthroughs, efficient data use, and governance technologies for new applications, data resilience, and active protection technologies, and build a high-level Quality data storage system.

Furthermore, the Chinese tech maker rollout the “Data Storage 2030” white paper. The company also partnered with the academic community to imagine innovative technologies for data storage in the next ten years.

Meanwhile, a study predicts that by 2030, the total amount of data generated globally each year will reach 1YB, a 23x increase compared to 2020.

“In the future, data storage will innovate in six key technologies: advanced media applications, data-centric architecture, data storage native security, intelligent data weaving, data as applications, and green and low-carbon storage, to meet the growing demand for data storage capacity. said Zhou Yuefeng, president of Huawei’s data storage product division.

Huawei 2022 OlympusMons winners

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