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Huawei-Anhui Mobile jointly releases Smart site AR inspection solution



Huawei AR inspection solution

Recently, Huawei and Anhui Mobile released the AR inspection solution. The new technology mainly aims at the maintenance of the intelligent sites in Hefei, Wuhu, and other chief fields of the respective cooperations. Besides, it will implement the strategic requirements of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

In this era of technology, the operators are trying to ensure the stable operation of the network. However, this assurance requires a large number of manual power for regular inspections of equipment rooms and sites. On the other hand, the so-called traditional inspection methods result in high costs. In such conditions, the latest Smart Site AR inspection solution is a blessing to the operators.

Key Points of the Huawei-Anhui Smart Site AR inspection solution

Automatic Inspection of computer room via image recognition:

Here, the inspection elements comprise several objects. For instance, door locks, batteries, ground lightning protection, and more. These items have the capability of recognizing 9 types of defects such as battery corrosion and shelf life. Further, it can quickly line up the operators for completing the photo collection and computer room inspection work.

Active repair of hidden dangers via knowledge graphs:

If any abnormal situation arises, the mechanism instantly refers to the MAE online knowledge map processing. Further, the operators get the facility to call back-end experts for support with just one click. As a result, there is high efficiency in the problem-solving department.

Notably, the AR innovation is the outcome of collaboration between Anhui, Huawei MAE, and Huawei CS. MAE serves the digitalization while CS takes care of the daily inspection.

Huawei AR inspection solution

MAE will continue the development of the digital economy

The President of Huawei Wireless Network MAE product line conveyed his message regarding MAE.

“In the future, MAE will continue to consolidate its intelligent capabilities and continue to improve its intelligent inspection capabilities, striving to cover 85% of Anhui’s site inspection items by the end of the year, and increase the accuracy rate to over 90%; Jointly carry out broader, deeper and more efficient cooperation in the field of network intelligence, and jointly build a benchmark for self-smart networks”


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