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Huawei and UnionPay signs cooperation to promote HarmonyOS native app development



Huawei UnionPay HarmonyOS native app

Huawei and UnionPay have recently signed a new cooperation agreement to promote HarmonyOS native app development for more services. Eventually, the online payment industry wants to completely adapt to the HarmonyOS ecosystem and offer its impressive benefits to users.

China UnionPay is one of the largest online money transaction platforms. It has the world’s biggest card network and offers more than 7 billion cards around the nation. The company directly settles payments with banks and provides several card schemes and services.

Notably, UnionPay has already initiated the development of the Huawei HarmonyOS native app for the Cloud QuickPass application. In the latest edition, the tech firm announced bringing HarmonyOS features for more of its services.

In other words, China UnionPay will adapt HarmonyOS native app versions for more capabilities such as Cloud QuickPass SDK, UnionPay SDK, and Ride Code SDK.

Huawei UnionPay HarmonyOS native app

On the flip side, the company will use HarmonyOS for general user operations like registration, login, card binding, card management, QR codes, online controls, cash transfer, and other payment features.

This beneficial cooperation will not only result in an efficient payment experience for users but will also deepen the relationship between Huawei and UnionPay.

Apart from the adaptation announcement, the Chinese tech maker pointed out the ultimate integration of Huawei Pay and UnionPay Cloud QuickPass. Consequently, it will now allow users to make quick payments by just double-tap on the phone’s power button.

To activate the feature, users need to insert or update their card details. Once done, you can instantly opt for transactions or other features without opening the payment app.


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