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Huawei and Tuhu Automobile signs HarmonyOS native app development cooperation



Tuhu Automobile HarmonyOS native app

Huawei and Tuhu Automobile joined hands to begin the HarmonyOS native app development. Both parties signed a cooperation agreement that aims to indulge in certain activities that can lead to beneficial facilities and services for customers.

Tuhu Automobile is one of the leading smart car services companies in China. The firm has availed of its services on both online and offline platforms. It offers an on-demand service experience via its user-centric model and streamlined supply chain.

Notably, the Tuhu Automobile Corporation directly treats car owners with its various products and facilities. It fulfills a wide range of service demands ranging from tires and spare parts to auto maintenance, repair, and more.

As of now, Tuhu Automobile is ready to step into the HarmonyOS native app development for better features and capabilities. In addition, the automaker and Huawei will look after digital innovation and after-sales service formats.

Tuhu Automobile HarmonyOS native app

The HarmonyOS native app for Tuhu firm will optimize the user order services. It will enhance the security aspects, offering a seamless fluency and reliable experience. Besides, it will bring more convenience and personalization to customers.

On the greener side, Huawei and Tuhu will conduct high-quality operations, diversified market planning, and multi-device car maintenance. Both parties will also participate in the cloud innovation with transparent and efficient development.

The president of Huawei Cloud Devices – Zhu Yonggang says:

“Huawei will support its full-scenario multi-terminal advantages and expand the depth and breadth of cooperation with Tuhu Automotive in areas related to both parties’ businesses to achieve resource sharing and complementary advantages.”


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