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Huawei and Thalys will test new cars before launch to ensure safety: AITO



Huawei AITO cars test

AITO has recently mentioned some new facilities for upcoming cars and said that Huawei and Thalys engineers will carry out a test before the launch of every new smart vehicle. It is a significant move by the company and ensures the safety of users.

The automobile cooperation cites that a new smart car evaluation requires professional technical support and a solid operating process for fair and precise outcomes. Accordingly, AITO believes that it is better if both Huawei and Thalys test new cars before launching them in the market.

Speaking of benefits, AITO says that this procedure will make sure that smart vehicles are more secure and comfortable in winter. At the same time, it will provide a comprehensive and reliable experience to customers.

“Before each new Wenjie car is launched, Huawei and Thalys engineers will conduct rigorous tests under daily and extreme working conditions to ensure that the car is more secure and comfortable in winter. We hope to see more scientific, professional, rigorous, and fair testing to bring real value to the development of the industry”.

Huawei AITO cars test

Earlier, Dongchedi initiated a few performance tests for a handful of new cars. The firm conducted these tests in Mohe under extremely cold conditions. Among several vehicles, the Wenjie M7 attained a 31.60% achievement rate.

AITO explained these tests and results on December 8 and said that the respective Wenjie car had been air-conditioned and then heated for 71 minutes before the test. After gaining a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius, the heating continued for 40 minutes.

However, Yu Chengdong – Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO said that it’s a ridiculous test. And the company should follow basic rules of Science. Though we may expect betterment with the latest statement from the automobile company.


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