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Huawei and Thalys Group signs an agreement to promote smart vehicle solutions



Huawei Thalys Group agreement vehicle solutions

Huawei Digital Energy firm and Thalys Group have recently signed an agreement to promote efficient smart vehicle solutions. Both parties will look after several important segments related to energy vehicles and deploy supercharging networks.

As per the cooperation agreement, Huawei and Thalys Group will work on five prominent aspects to boost smart vehicle solutions. This includes crucial vehicle parts supply, innovation and cost reduction, technology development, charging network alliance, and international relations.

Huawei and Thalys Group will contribute to strengthening their partnership. Together, they will develop vital parts of smart vehicles such as electric drives, onboard charging, extension systems, brake-by-brake wire, all-in-one drive systems, and more.

Huawei Thalys Group agreement vehicle solutions

Besides, both firms will use E2E technology for innovative solutions at a cost-effective range. This action will further raise the marketing production of smart solutions. On the flip side, new technical facilities and products will offer a comprehensive experience to customers.

Another major concept that will be looked after in this agreement will be the charging alliance. Eventually, both companies will indulge in promoting the placement of new energy vehicle charging networks and stations in China.

In addition, Huawei and Thalys will accelerate the development of foreign products to expand their business in the global market. These initiatives will help in leveling up the high-quality development of the new automobile industry.


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