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Huawei and MTN Group completes 800G optical network placement in South Africa



Huawei 800G optical network South Africa

Huawei and MTN Group have recently joined hands to deploy an 800G optical network solution in South Africa. Both parties aim to enhance the optical transport in the region and eliminate power supply issues for both operators and consumers.

MTN (Mobile Telecommunication Corporation) is one of the largest mobile network operators in South Africa. It shares several benefits to its customers along with a modern connected network experience and is active in over 20 countries.

In the latest edition, the MTN Group in South Africa has used Huawei optical transport solution – 400G/800G per channel, and some other products like OXC (Optical Cross-Connection) and ASON (Automatically Switched Optical Network).

Huawei 800G optical network South Africa

These network solutions help in meeting long-term capacity and degree expansion requirements. It further reduces power consumption by 60% and optimizes the overall network energy efficiency. This will also have a positive impact on Huawei and MTN partnership.

Describing the significant role of the Huawei 800G optical network product, the MTN’s senior specialist in core fibre and transmission Takalani Ligudu says:

“The 800G, OXC and ASON scale deployment with Huawei is a result of MTN’s clear vision to lead the delivery of a bold new digital world to customers. MTN is proud of having one of the world’s advanced networks and using industry-leading technologies to deliver superior network services for our customers across South Africa.”

Moreover, MTN Group believes that Huawei’s NCE-T system will boost the management control and analysis facilities for transport networks. Consequently, this will lead to the distribution of better network capabilities for customers via latency and reliable maps.


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