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Huawei and China Resources inks strategic cooperation to boost Whole House Smart business



Huawei China Resources cooperation

Huawei Consumer Business Group and China Resources Land Firm have recently signed an agreement cooperation to boost the Whole House Smart business. The two parties talked about how to level up the user experience with business strategies.

The Chairman of the Huawei Consumer Business Group – Yu Chengdong also attended the agreement and put forth his words on the Whole House Smart business.

Details of the strategic cooperation agreement say that both Huawei and China Resources Land will work dedicatedly and increase the benefits of the Whole House Smart products for consumers. The tech makers will look after the following fields:

  • Commercial Shopping Malls
  • Office Buildings
  • Long-term rental apartments
  • Complex Constructions
  • Property Management
Huawei China Resources cooperation

Huawei and China Resources signs an agreement (Image Credits: ITHome)

The main motive of this strategic cooperation is to ensure advanced as well as innovative solutions to build the Whole Smart House products. Both Huawei and China Resources Land firm will put things into action, probably in October this year.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei and China Resources have been in a partnership since 2019. The two parties have even launched several whole-house smart beta projects in the native region and obtained results as per their expectations.

During the Summer 2024 new product launch event on May 15, the OEM unveiled a brand-new Whole Smart House solution filled with AI features and capabilities.

At the same time, the company also introduced a new AI Health Care facility with better health-related sensors and detection features. It would be worth seeing what else we will find in the Whole House Smart category in the upcoming days.

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