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Huawei and BT Ireland completes Industry’s first 1.2Tb/s real-time data transmission



Huawei and BT Ireland recently completed Industry’s First 1.2Tb/s transmission real-time trial based on commercial product platform in a live network.

The setup project uses Huawei-developed OptiXtreme series oDSP chips and high-performance optical transmission modules to implement ultra-high-speed interconnection between two data centers in Dublin with a record data rate of 1.2 Tb/s.

According to Huawei, the OptiXtreme series oDSP with unique Channel-Matched Shaping (CMS) technique and AI neuron modules can sense key parameters of optical channels, and compensate for link impairments and optimize the transmission spectrum efficiency accordingly.

With Huawei’s Super-C line system, the single-fiber capacity of 48 Tb/s can be achieved, which is six times as large as that of today’s common WDM systems based on 100G wavelength channels.

OVUM’s latest statics shows, Huawei ranked No.1 for ht eglobal high-speed port shipments for over 9 years. In the age of 5G, Huawei is looking to further expand network bandwidth, grab more 5G commercial contracts worldwide.

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