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Huawei and Beijing Unicom completes 5G-A network technology verification



Huawei Beijing Unicom 5G-A technology

Huawei and Beijing Unicom have started taking new steps towards the 5G-A network technology. According to the details, both firms have now completed the large-scale verification of the 5G-A networking and gained fruitful results.

The information reveals that Huawei and Beijing Unicom conducted the 5G-A network technology verification to achieve three-level deployment in various key areas. For instance, the city center’s Financial Street, the historic long-distance building, and the large-scale Beijing Worker’s Stadium.

Notably, this is the first 5G-A network technology large-scale verification in China and showed significant results in terms of uplink and downlink peak rate.

Both Huawei and Beijing Unicom operated the 5G-A network practices on applications like naked-eye 3D, ultra-high definition shallow real-time production, system, 8K large uplink live broadcast, and XR separated rendering.

Huawei Beijing Unicom 5G-A technology

These operations were based on indoor 5G-A networking in the long-distance telephone building and used the 4Gbps network capability to check the ability to transform media digitally. Meanwhile, the downlink rate of 5G-A users appeared 10Gbps.

Huawei put forth its points on this verification and said that the 5G-A technology focuses on both high and low-frequency collaboration processes in discontinuous network coverage. In this way, it will help in running the relevant operations smoothly.

It is worth mentioning that 5G-A or 5G Advanced works parallel to the standard 5G network solutions. It simply supports a few conditions with better requirements and aims to boost the 5G capabilities in particular areas and scenarios.


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