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Huawei AI Search version update is rolling out



Huawei AI Search update

Huawei AI Search app is getting a new version update with a small bundle of improvements and bug fixes. Although the firmware is quite significant as it enhances the app’s functioning and makes it even more reliable for daily usage.

In case you wonder why there is a need to install the latest Huawei AI Search version update, here are the three reasons pointing out the benefits:

  • Stability: The new update will optimize the application with quick app launches.
  • Bug Fixes: It also looks after hidden issues or glitches ruining the app’s performance efficiency.
  • User Experience: The new version boosts the app’s existing features and improves its functioning, enhancing the overall user experience.

Thus installing the newest AI Search app update to your Huawei handset will enrich the search experience regarding settings, files, and other stuff on your phone.

Note that the app update comes with a software package that weighs around 21.12 Megabytes. Being a lightweight version, Huawei phone users can either download it via their personal data or using any other broadband network.

You can take the help of the Huawei AppGallery or simply tap HERE to download the new AI Search app update right away, without waiting or facing interruptions.

Huawei AI Search update

Huawei AI Search receives a new update (Image Credits: Huawei)

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