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Huawei AI Celia Voice update is rolling out



Huawei AI Celia Voice update

Huawei AI Celia Voice assistant is getting a new update with a bundle of internal optimizations. While the company is testing a new LLM AI beta for the respective app, this version aims to improve the app’s overall functioning for better usage.

According to the details, the Huawei AI Celia Voice assistant is getting the latest update with a software package of 43.5 Megabytes. Make sure that you have enough space in your Huawei device to store the app build effectively.

Talking about the changelog, the company has not added any specific features or enhancements to the respective application. Although installing this build will serve a seamless and smoother experience on your Huawei handset.

On the other hand, it eliminates the anonymous bugs and issues found in the last version. Ahead, the newest version provides enhanced stability so that may not face problems while launching the app.

  • Download the latest Huawei AI Celia Voice update – LINK

AI Celia Voice Assistant is a very useful app offered by Huawei for its users to make their daily life tasks easier. Also, the assistant entertains you easier by playing your favorite videos, music, and more. And to ensure better efficiency, we suggest to install the latest version.

Huawei AI Celia Voice update

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