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Huawei adds App security feature for AppGallery



Recently, Huawei has officially announced to add an app security feature on AppGallery. The company is taking this step to remove unwanted and harmful apps away from users’ devices. According to the information, Huawei AppGallery will gradually rollout these new features for AppGallery in Huawei devices.

huawei app security appgallery

Where to find it?

To find the new Huawei app security feature, you need to tap on the AppGallery, tap on ME and then proceed toward the application security detection feature. Once enabled, the feature will automatically scan all of the installed apps on the device, including official and unofficial sourced apps.

If the feature finds any faulty app, it’ll showcase a warning message, which helps users to uninstall the app with immediate effect.

huawei app security appgallery

Third party apps:

Aside from apps from AppGallery, Huawei’s new security feature will also issue advisory for non-compliant applications downloaded from third-party sources and consist of viruses, privacy violations, and malware and ensure to inform the users regarding these alerts ahead of installation.

In China, the feature is powered by the national anti-fraud app program, which helps it to easily identify the latest mobile application threats.

In addition to adding this security feature, Huawei will also remove some apps that aren’t safe and compliant at the time of the launch of this feature but whose developers use the cloud to control suspected activities.

(via – ithome)

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