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Huawei achieves first rank in top 100 2023 PCT international patent ranking



Huawei PCT international patent 2023

Huawei has ranked first in the 2023 PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) international patent applications. The list counts the top 100 vendors across the world for their profound skills, efficient innovation, and high-tech capabilities.

The IPRdaily and incoPat firms have recently analyzed the top 100 companies applying for patent applications. Among several industries, Huawei, CATL, BOE, OPPO, and ZTE grabbed the top five places in the 2023 PCT international patent ranking.

Eventually, Huawei filed around 7822 patents in 2023 for useful and efficient methods that can improve the user experience in all aspects. The company continues to look after and explore new techs for automobiles, phones, and smartwatches.

Meanwhile, around 26.72% of Chinese companies have occupied space in the 2023 PCT patent ranking. The overall number of applications in the last year is approx 74,000. Eventually, China secured first place in the world in the patent submission.

Huawei PCT international patent 2023

Here is the ranking of the top 5 companies and their filed patents:

  • Huawei – 7822 patents
  • CATL – 2152 patents
  • BOE – 2002 patents
  • OPPO – 1849 patents
  • ZTE – 1802 patents

So far, the Chinese companies in the patent department aim to spread awareness regarding advanced technologies. On the greener side, they ensure that their methods can provide benefits to every consumer in both native and global markets.

Moreover, PCT enables interested applicants to receive protection on their patents irrespective of country and region. The only requirement is to submit an international application.

Huawei PCT international patent 2023


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