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Huawei achieves 11% annual growth rate in 2023 China PC market: Canalys



Huawei 2023 China PC market Canalys

Today, Canalys research firm has shared the 2023 China PC market report where Huawei has obtained an 11% annual growth rate. Note that this is the only company to achieve a positive acceleration in computer franchise with innovative products.

To begin with, the Canalys report predicts that the China PC market will procure 3% growth in 2024 with a 10% hike in 2025. Eventually, a large portion of this achievement will go to the demand for high-end PCs from the commercial sector in China.

Speaking of the company’s analysis, Canalys says that Q4 2023 China PC market has seen a 17% decline in shipments compared to 2022, yet Huawei has made good achievements. The company has acquired an 11% annual growth rate.

In contrast to 2022 with 3576 PC units shipment, Huawei sold 3986 units in 2023 which earned it a market share of 10%. Apart from the MateBook developer, the list counts Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, and some other local brands in this ranking.

Lenovo has ranked first with a shipment of 15,536. However, its annual growth has dropped by 19%. Next is HP with again a decline of 2% in annual growth status.

Huawei 2023 China PC market Canalys

2023 China PC market report (Image Credits: Canalys)

Even though Huawei is third, it is the only tech vendor to highlight the positive growth mark in the 2023 Chinese PC market report. Moreover, the firm has surpassed the well-known DELL computers OEM and left it at the fourth position.

On the flip side, Huawei has scored 65% (the highest annual growth rate) in the tablet shipment ranking. It shipped around 6460 tablet units in 2023 and obtained a 23% market share.

Canalys analyst – Emma Xu says:

“2024 is expected to bring modest relief to a struggling PC market in China, but a challenging environment will remain. Significant opportunities for the PC industry will arise from this commercial push, especially as it coincides with the upcoming device refresh and the emergence of AI-capable PCs.”

Huawei 2023 China PC market Canalys

2023 China PC market report (Image Credits: Canalys)

(Source: Canalys)

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