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Huawei 88W charger will be used in flagship devices



Huawei 88W charger

Huawei is preparing to change the outlook of chargers for premium devices with 88W chargers and it’s expected that Huawei will adopt this charging protocol in the mainstream for all of its upcoming flagships.

Other than the 88W charger, Huawei will also use a super fast 100W charger for smartphones. However, it’s primarily been used in the Nova series for the past two years.

Looking more into the matter, Huawei also has a 120W charger but there’s no information available about the release. More information reveals that Huawei uses moderate speed charging protocols to ensure safety for consumers and long battery life.

Still, 88W and 100W provide a faster phone charging experience than 66W packed with P50 series and Mate 60 series.

88W charger:

Recently, Huawei certified a new 88W charger through Telecommunication Equipment’s Network Access Management (TENAA) with an 88W output. The listing reveals that the charger has a model number – HW-200440C00 with 4.4A/20VDC = 88W charging capacity.

The charger supports 10W, 40W, and 66W backward charging compatibility. It is manufactured by ASAP Technology (JIANGXI) co. Limited China. Below you can check more information about the charger.

HW-200440C00 supports input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 2.4A. It outputs: USB-C: 5VDC, 3A or 9VDC, 3A or 10VDC, 4A or 11VDC, 6A MAX or 12VDC, 3A or 15VDC, 3A MAX or 20VDC, 4.4A MAX. If you use USB-A, then it’ll get you an output of 5VDC, 2A or 10VDC, 4A or 11VDC, 6A MAX or 20VDC, 4, 4 A MAX. The charger is only suitable for altitudes of 5000 meters.

Currently, we don’t have any information about its use case but we could assume it packs with Huawei P60 series.

Huawei 88W charger

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