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Huawei 5G phones are returning next year?



huawei 5g phones next year

It’s a matter of question because the rumors and reports are quite claiming. While the latest one indicates that Huawei is preparing to relaunch phones with 5G as soon as next year. That sounds quite interesting and exciting.

Financial Times reports that Huawei is planning to bring back 5G phones by next year to overcome U.S. sanctions and make a comeback in the smartphone market. A source familiar with this matter revealed that Huawei is developing technologies that will help the firm to bypass U.S. sanctions.

The source reveals that Huawei is looking to redesign its smartphone without using restricted chipset technologies.

Highly compatible smartphones?

Huawei is working on making it highly compatible with smartphone designs that could with less advanced chipsets to enable a 5G network. However, the sources have not mentioned any specific details of what may be happening in the background.

There are two quotes from sources mentioned below.

“This company cannot wait endlessly and needs to bring 5G phones back to the market as soon as possible,” said sources familiar with this matter. “Huawei lost its leading position in the mobile phone market to American sanctions years ago. Now even their domestic market share keeps dwindling.”

The report also mentions 5G cases as a workaround to enable 5G in Huawei smartphones but it’s a temporary solution until the company finds a perfect one.

Why can’t use 5G:

Back in 2019, the U.S. banned Huawei from purchasing technologies made or originated from U.S. companies. Hence, it cannot produce a 5G-enabled chipset made by HiSilicon, previously, the Chinese tech maker used to print Kirin processors via Taiwan’s TSMC. Meanwhile, Huawei is using Qualcomm Snapdragon 4G platform in new flagship devices.

The lack of 5G is causing Huawei’s competitiveness against other smartphone makers and we hope that Huawei will be able to resolve the issues.

huawei 5g phones next year

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