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Huawei announces $200 million investment to advance Kunpeng computing industry



Today on the first first day of Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) Cloud 2020 event, Huawei announced a new investment to advance the Huawei Developer Program 2.0.

Huawei will invest 200 million USD with detailed programs for universities, startups, individual developers, and partners, driving new milestones in the Kunpeng computing industry.

The company also announced its partners such as Tencent Games to make the next step in Kunpeng ecosystem collaboration and is also partnering with Kylinsoft, iSoft, Uniontech, and the Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS) to announce commercial OS editions powered by openEuler.

“Developers are the key to changing the computing world. They are the engine of enterprise innovations and the soul of new industry ecosystems. In 2019, we released Huawei Developer Program 2.0 with the goal to develop five million developers over five years.” said Hou Jinlong, President of Cloud & AI BG, Huawei.

“Currently, we have 1.6 million developers working on HUAWEI CLOUD. We will continue to work with global developers and industry partners to provide robust, economical computing power by leveraging the multi-core, high-concurrency advantages of Kunpeng processors. Together, we will unlock the trillion-dollar blue ocean market of the computing industry and share the success of the digital economy.” he added.

Kunpeng Powers Tools and Platforms to Speed Up Development

At HDC.Cloud, Huawei released the CloudIDE, Kunpeng acceleration library, and developer community to provide developers with easier access to Kunpeng.

  • CloudIDE: A component of the HUAWEI CLOUD development platform DevCloud, CloudIDE is a lightweight, web-based integrated development environment that streamlines development and runtime. It supports Kunpeng native and multiple languages and currently empowers over 400,000 users in over 500,000 projects. CloudIDE will provide all Kunpeng instances for free through 2020.
  • Kunpeng acceleration library: By providing basic, compression, encryption and decryption, storage, and multimedia functions, the acceleration library boosts performance by at least 10%, and even by over 100% in encryption/decryption scenarios, with less than 1% code change.
  • Kunpeng Community: This community is a developer stronghold that integrates full-stack software and hardware knowledge, updates, policy release, and certification query, as well as 24/7 online expert services.

Huawei and Tencent Games partnership:

At HDC.Cloud, Huawei announced a strategic partnership with Tencent Games. As a result, the homogeneous device-cloud architecture of Kunpeng processors will be the catalyst for this joint innovation.

“We are glad to have the strategic collaboration with Huawei and have set up a joint innovation lab as a testimony to our long-term goals. We will combine our strengths in mobile cloud gaming and game engines. For example, at Tencent we have built the GameMatrix platform designed for mobile cloud gaming. In the future, we will leverage Huawei Kunpeng processors to build quality, cost-effective mobile cloud gaming solutions.” said Ma Xiaoyi, Senior Vice President of Tencent.

Huawei Developer Program 2.0 with a USD200 Million Investment in 2020:

In 2019, Huawei released Developer Program 2.0, which proposed a huge USD1.5 billion investment over five years to promote industry development. This is the foundation of the package announced by Huawei today, which includes a USD200 million investment in 2020 and detailed support for universities, startups, developers, and partners.

  • Huawei Developer Program for Universities: Huawei will provide CNY100 million for universities, including talent development, cloud resources, and prototypes. In addition, Huawei and China’s Ministry of Education signed a three-year agreement to invest CNY1 billion to jointly cultivate the next generation of talent.
  • Huawei Developer Program for Startups and Individuals: Huawei provides grants worth a total of CNY100 million for startups and individual developers in the form of cloud resources and onsite activities. Each startup can obtain cloud coupons worth up to CNY750,000.
  • Huawei Developer Program for Partners: Huawei provides partners with total support amounting to CNY600 million, including a one-time R&D subsidy of CNY300 million, and cloud resources worth CNY300 million.

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