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‘How’s your iPhone signal?’ Social media user clash over mobile network, some compares with Huawei



How's your iPhone signal

iPhone 15 series is making noise on the Chinese social media site – Weibo and users are sharing their iPhone mobile network experience under the “How’s your iPhone Signal” hashtag.

A user wrote that the iPhone signals are weak and it only powers two bars in a single. Others said that their iPhone becomes unstable during travel and Office without WiFi. Some of the people mentioned Huawei and its network capability, saying it’s stable everywhere.

Take a look at a user below, he argued that people should talk based on the facts, and his iPhone with a 5G connection is working seamlessly. He also referenced using an iPhone for a long time and found no issues with the device.

How's your iPhone signal

An iPhone 14 Pro user wrote that the iPhone has a bad signal even in rare use cases.

How's your iPhone signal

The hashtag ‘How’s your iPhone signal’ is filled with different answers and opinions about the iPhone’s signal capability. Most people do realize the Pros and Cons of owning an iPhone and not being connected to a WiFi network.

A test:

A bullet train test between the iPhone 16 Pro and Huawei Mate 60 revealed that the new iPhone is competitive. However, its signals are unstable, and during public transportation, the phone shows no signal several times. On the other hand, Huawei affected only the speed of the internet, while remaining connected to the operator.

iPhone 16 Pro:

It is expected that next year’s iPhone 16 Pro could bring better connectivity with new hardware changes. A new report suggests that the iPhone 16 Pro will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon X75 modem, which is compatible with 5G Advanced networks to provide over 7Gbps download speed.


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